The Bachelor Canada with Two Oceans Wine & Who I Think Will Win

Hi ya’ll. So I don’t know about you but I have always been a Bachelor/Bachelorette fan (even though I sometimes don’t like to admit it). I honestly just find the show really entertaining and I look forward to finding out what drama happens next.

The Bachelor is pretty new in Canada so you bet I support it. So since the Bachelor Canada airs on Wednesdays I decided to experience #winewednesday every week (and I’m not mad about it).

This week I tried out Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc. Two Oceans are the official sponsors of the Bachelor Canada so I thought it was the perfect fit for my wine choice of the week. The wine was delicious and it tasted great with the chocolate. I also got a few other Bachelor inspired products (see below).

Two Oceans Wine

But, how cute is that pillow!?! Oh, and I also think that chocolate roses are the best type of roses.

Anywho, I had everything I needed to watch the show and here’s what I think so far…

There are a couple of strong bachelorettes that I think have a chance at the final rose. However, if I were to guess who will win and who will be the final three I would guess:

  1. Lyndsey will be the winner
  2. Meghan will come in second
  3. Jessie will come in third

I wonder if any of my predictions will be correct. But, it really seems like he thinks about and cares for Lyndsey the most but we shall see!

Who do you think will win!? Leave me your thoughts down below.


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