How To Be Happier & More Grateful

How To Be Grateful & Happier

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I honestly think that the key to happiness is gratitude. Being grateful for all that you have and living in the present moment. If I’m ever feeling down or anxious I like to focus on what I am grateful for at that very moment.

For a few years now I have been waking up and naming or writing down at least 5 things that I am grateful for. This could range from my good night’s sleep to the morning coffee that I am about to enjoy. Every night before I go to bed I try to also think of things that I am grateful for that happened in my day. The productive day I had, seeing my friends, the delicious dinner I ate, and so on.

This has truly changed my life.

I changed my focus from looking at what I “lack” to what I have and when you do this daily you really realize how much you have to be thankful for. Instead of being envious of other peoples lives, take a look at yours! Yes, you might not have your dream job, home, body but what do you have?

Things to be grateful for:

  • That you are able to see, taste, smell, walk, hear, read, and write
  • Your job & make money
  • That you have family, friends, or significant others
  • Your home, clothing, and fresh drinking water
  • That you are constantly learning & growing everyday
  • Listening to music you love
  • That you are striving for your goals and dreams
  • The upcoming trip you are going on
  • Your phone, computer, tv, and the internet
  • The food and drinks that you had today or will be having later
  • Coffee, Wine, Pizza
  • The opportunity to make a change in your life
  • Your pets
  • The power of meditation & yoga
  • Reading a good book
  • That tomorrow is a fresh start
  • Owning a car
  • The beauty of nature
  • Your good health & your families
  • The country you live in
  • Taking a hot shower
  • Fresh bed sheets
  • To be alive!!!

These are just a couple of things that you can be grateful for every day. Make it your goal to start focusing on at least 5 things that you are grateful for every day and see how it changes your happiness levels.

I am grateful that you are reading this post. Have a beautiful day!





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