Gift Ideas Under $25: Christmas Gift Guide

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to my blog. I am going to be starting a Christmas Gift Guide series and this is going to be part 1: Gift Ideas Under $25!

Every year I seem to participate in some sort of Kris Kringle/ Secret Santa gift exchange where the limit is $20-$25 and I always have a hard time thinking of a good gift that isn’t a Starbucks gift card. So I decided to help myself out and hopefully some of you with this list!

  1. Candles: My go-to gift is always a candle. Most of the women I know LOVE candles and I think that is the perfect small gift. Although people can be picky about scents I still think choosing a popular scented candle is a pretty safe bet. I love getting  candles at Indigo and soy candles at Target.

These are two candles that I saw at Indigo and I ended up buying my best friend the one on the right. They have may different sayings and scents too! A cute candle is also a great decor item for a room or house.  I like adding a candle to most of my gifts!

2. Coasters: Everyone either drinks coffee or tea or at least has guests over! I think that getting someone a cute set of marble or wood coasters is a great gift idea. This is an item that people typically don’t want to buy for themselves or perhaps they are using old ones that they have had forever and that they don’t even like. Why not get them a cute coaster that they can use every single day?

I found both of these coasters on Etsy for $15 and I also saw inexpensive coasters at HomeSense.

3. Notebook: Another great gift idea is a notebook. Almost every single person I know loves and/or uses notebooks daily. I have multiple notebooks that I use for different things; goal setting, gratitude, finance tracking, and for my business. Also, if your limit is $25 you can get someone a notebook and a candle!

The notebook on the left is from Urban Outfitters ($20) and the notebook on the right is the notebook that I designed (sold on etsy- for $9). You can also get cute notebooks at Indigo or Homesense.

4. One Question A Day: My mom bought me and my sister this journal last Christmas and we both LOVE it and use it daily. Everyday, there is a new question for you to answer about a wide array of topics. You record your answer for 5 years and it is fun to compare how much you have changed (or perhaps stayed the same) every single year. This journal is sold at Indigo and Urban Outfitters for about $23.99.


5. Marble Macbook Laptop Skin: This is something that is on my Christmas List this year. A laptop skin is something that most people won’t bother buying for themselves (me) however, it is something that is great for people who are always on their laptops whether they are students or bloggers.


This laptop skin is for sale on Urban Outfitters for $20.00.

6. Monogram Cheese Board & Spreader: Who doesn’t love a nice cheese board?!? I know that I would love receiving this gift and better yet it looks a lot more expensive than $19.50. The one below is for sale at Indigo.

882709360018 (1).jpg

7. A motivational self help book: Okay so I am super into self help/improvement books and this is the book that I am currently reading & loving. I highly recommend this.


Those are some great gift ideas that are under $25 so whether you want to give one or two is up to you! Stay tuned for my gift guide under $50!




  1. Christina
    November 22, 2017 / 1:43 am

    Awesome post!! I have a few ideas based on this list 😉 Looking forward to your gift guide for gifts under $50. Can you do a post on ideas for your hubby/ boyfriend?

    • canyoucarrymybags
      November 22, 2017 / 2:28 pm

      Thank you! I am glad that you enjoyed it. My next gift guide will be gifts for him!

  2. November 23, 2017 / 8:22 pm


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