Fall Fashion Trends That I Love

Fall fashion is a lot of peoples favourite season of fashion and I can see why… Fall is a beautiful time of year and the fashion trends always seem to make people step out of their comfort zones. I wanted to share some of my favourite fall fashion trends in 2017.

1.Teddy Bear Jacket: When I saw this picture on Pinterest I instantly fell in LOVE. I unfortunately never found one that didn’t make me look ridiculous but I have seen so many gorgeous ones all over instagram. This is definitely a trend that I hope stays.

fall fashion 1.jpg

2. Striped Long Sleeves: At first, these tops reminded me of something Rachel from Friends would wear (which is not a bad thing).  I think that these colourful stripes add some fun to the typical long sleeves that you usually see during the Fall Season. I also saw lots of these striped tops at Forever 21 and other inexpensive stores at the mall.

fall fashion 2

3. Button Down Skirts: I have seen these skirts ALL over instagram and I think that they look great with a mock neck or turtle neck sweater. They are very “fall” and I love the effect that the buttons provide. I own one of these skirts.

fall fashion 3

4. Mustard Yellow Tops: Mustard Yellow is huge this fall. I got this crop top at Shop M and I love it. This is definitely my favourite fall colour. I love pairing this top with ripped jeans.

fall 2

5. Knee High Boots: I feel like knee high boots are in every fall season and for a good reason too! They can make a simple sweater or turtle neck top look super sexy.

fall fashion 5.jpg

So those are 5 of my favourite fall fashion trends of 2017. Let me know what yours are in the comments and leave me any blog requests down below.



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