This past Sunday I had the pleasure of visiting the STC Flower MRKT Pop-Up Event which is located in the Scarborough Town Centre mall and is focused on mothers day! The market is open from May 4-13 and it was absolutely beautiful!


Credit @abhavphotography

The open-concept market featured tons of local artisans, floral-focused designers, and artists. There were so many great mothers day gift ideas and I wanted them all! (for my mom and for me).



Credit @abhavphotography

They also had a fresh flower field (with real flowers +grass!!!), a patio swing, and a floral origami workshop space where you can make a heart shaped gift for your mom.


Credit @abhavphotography

The event was definitely worth checking out! If you want to win a $500 STC gift card, a floral bouquet, and a gift set then enter by sharing a photo using #STCFlowerMRKT and follow @shopSTC on Instagram!

Happy mothers day to all the beautiful moms out there!





10 Things To Do This Spring In Toronto

Every season I like to make a list of things that I want to see and do. I have been waiting for winter to be done for so long… and now that’s its spring I am so happy to be writing my spring bucket list. So here are 10 things to do this spring in Toronto!

10 Things To Do This Spring In Toronto

1. See the Cherry Blossoms: Every year I regret not going to see the Cherry Blossoms in Toronto but this year I am going to make sure that I do! The peak bloom is expected to be late April or early May! You can see these gorgeous cherry blossoms in High Park and I am so excited to go this year. Make sure that you bring your camera!

2. Go to the Toronto Coffee & Tea Expo: On April 14-15 Toronto will be having a coffee & tea expo at Evergreen Brickworks. This is a fun event to go to if you like coffee, tea, or both!

3. Go to Spring Beer Fest: On May 19-20, Toronto will be hosting a Spring Beer Festival. Beer, Food, and Spring vibes on the May Two Four Long Weekend; sounds like the perfect event!

4. Celebrate Victoria Day: Victoria Day (May 21) is the perfect day to relax, eat, drink, and see fireworks with family or friends! Evergreen Brickworks is returning with their “Brewers Backyard” with a lineup of Ontario beers. The event is free and is all ages.

5. Go see a Blue Jays Game: Now that the blue jays season has begun, its the perfect time to go watch a game. If you have kids, its a fun and inexpensive sporting event to take them too!

6. Go to the Toronto Zoo: Since the weather is slowly getting nicer out, it is a great time to go on a date to the Toronto Zoo. Since we’ve been cooped up indoors all winter, we need to get out and explore! This would be a fun weekend excursion.

7. Go to a Farmers Market: Spring makes me crave fresh fruit & vegetables so what better place to go then a farmers market? Not only are the fruit & vegetables fresh and delicious but you are also helping to support local farmers, which is great!

8. Explore a new area in Toronto: This is one of the main things I want to start doing this spring/ summer. I want to explore different areas in Toronto such as The Beaches, High Park, Distillery District, Yorkville, and so on! I want to go to the shops, cafes, restaurants, and spend the day in each of these different areas.

9. Taste of Little Italy: On June 16-18 Toronto will be celebrating its taste of little Italy which is a street festival celebrating Italian heritage. There will be good food, drinks, and live music!

10. Discover a new walking trail: Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors and get some exercise. Try out a new walking or biking path this spring. It will inspire you to want to exercise and enjoy the nicer weather!

Those were 10 things that you can do this Spring in Toronto! I hope that you enjoyed this list and let me know what you like to do in the Spring in the comments down below.

Thanks for reading.





8 Things To Do This Winter In Toronto

Summertime is my favourite time of the year. I love going to the beach, drinking on patios, and enjoying the warm sun of my face. But, instead of waiting around for summer I still like to make the best of every season. So let’s find out what you can do this winter in Toronto!

8 Things To Do This Winter In Toronto:

1. Go to a food/drink festival:

There are lots of food/drink festivals during the winter months (January- March). I love going to festivals all year round. Here are some festivals that are coming up!

Winterlicious: January 26- February 8 (I am going to Casa Loma High Tea)

Toronto Tea Festival– February 2-4

Toronto Winter Brewfest– March 2-3 (I can’t wait!)

2. Go to a comedy show:

Again, this is something that you can do all year round but its perfect to do during the winter months. During the winter, everybody could use some extra humour. I like going to Yuk Yuks or Second City. This is also a great date night idea.

3. Go to a brewery or wine bar:

Even though this is something that you might like to do in the summer months; a lot of breweries and wineries have indoor seating where you can go and have drinks & food. This is definitely something that makes winter weekends more bearable for me! There are tons of places in Toronto that you can go to, such as the newly opened Craft Beer Market, Steamwhistle Brewery, Mill Street Brewery, or the Bier Market to name a few. Just do a quick search on google and you will find a lot more awesome places!

4. Go to a Spa:

Going to a spa in the winter is one of the best feelings. There are tons of beautiful (and expensive) spas in Toronto if you are willing to splurge. This could be a fantastic date idea for a special weekend or anniversary.

Popular Toronto Spas: Elmwood, Body Blitz, Four Seasons, and Sweetgrass.

5. Go to an Arcade Bar:

In the last few years, more and more arcade bars have opened up in Toronto. Arcade bars are great places to go with friends during the winter months. You can have fun, drink, and stay warm all at the same time.

A few arcade bars (that I like and have been to) in Toronto are: Tilt, Get Well, Nightowl, and the Rec Room.

6. Go Dog Sledding:

Okay, so I have never actually done this but c’mon what could be more fun!?! This is on my list of winter activities to do for sure! Keep your eye out on “Groupon” for some cheap deals for this fun excursion.

7. Go to an Escape Room/ Axe Throwing:

These are 2 fun activities that I have tried out before. They are both great date night ideas or activities that you can do with friends on the weekend. You can look up locations that are closest to you!

8. Go on a Weekend Getaway:

I know this isn’t in Toronto but why not leave the city and visit a new town/city. If you want to leave the province but still be able to drive there then Montreal is a beautiful place to visit. If you want to stay close-by, then Blue Mountain is a great option! You can spend the weekend exploring, doing winter activities, and trying out new restaurants.

So those are 8 things that you can do this winter in Toronto. I hope that you enjoyed it. Let me know what you like to do during the winter.


Ps. I made sure not to include “skating” on my list. You’re welcome.


Exploring Norfolk County!

This September I had the pleasure of visiting Norfolk Country for the first time. I spent the weekend exploring wineries, attending Beer Stock Festival, discovering delicious restaurants, and ziplining through a forest. I had a great weekend to say the least!

1st Stop WINE (obviously)

Our first stop was visiting a great winery called Burning Kiln where we had a couple glasses of vino (because why not). They also have a nice patio outside where you could sit and have food from the food truck parked right beside it.

There was also a wedding that was set up on their vineyard which looked beautiful (see below).


The second winery that we visited was called Inasphere Winery. It had the most beautiful view as you can see below. We didn’t want to leave!


I also picked up a great bottle of Pinot Noir.


After all that wine, we decided it would be a good idea to go check out the Norfolk Beer Stock Festival to taste different craft beers. So we stumbled on over to the festival and we were glad that we did!


The festival had a great turn out and we got to try lots of different craft beer and listen to live music! The weather was also perfect.

After a day of drinking we wanted food… badly. We went to dinner at a restaurant right across the street from the festival called Lago Trattoria (an Italian restaurant) and it was AMAZING. Like amazing to the point that you have to pause after every bite just so that you can savour the taste. And this is coming from a girl who’s family is Italian!

First, we had their delicious caesar salad. Then we had their gorgonzola potato gnocchi and pesto penne. It was too die for. I also enjoyed a mojito (because clearly I love to mix my alcohol). For dessert, I had affogato and then we had a round of margaritas to end the night! (my poor stomach)

Where To Stay?

Norfolk has tons of adorable B&B’s. We stayed at the Clonmel Castle B&B and we had a great stay. The owners were extremely friendly and giving. They had cocktail hour and free breakfast (eggs Benedict). I would definitely recommend staying there!23022147_10155563697100210_2042563545_n

Our last stop was ziplining at Long Point Eco-Adventures. Its a great piece of land where they have glamping tents, axe throwing, wilderness suites, and more!


Overall, I had a great weekend in Norfolk County and I can’t wait to visit there again!