7 Ways To Deal With Anxiety

Anxiety is something that many people I personally know, deal with. The degree of anxiety ranges from person to person; some people deal with daily anxiety and some people just get anxious once in a while. Nonetheless, it is important to deal with your anxiety, no matter the degree.

I am going to share some of my favourite ways that I deal with anxiety on a daily and weekly basis.

I could be having a great day and all of a sudden my mind starts fixating on things and my anxiety starts to take over. Anxiety is something that could ruin the happiness of your daily life if you let it.

I have researched and practiced different exercises to relieve my anxiety and these are things that worked best for me.

If you suffer from anxiety, it is important to note that it is not a one-time cure. You cannot just do these things one day and get rid of anxiety forever. These are things that you should practice daily so that you can reduce the amount of anxiety that you have.

Anxiety may not go away for good but you can significantly reduce the amount of anxiety that you have and stop it from controlling your life.

So do you want to hear my tips?

7 Ways To Deal With Anxiety

1. Meditation

This is my #1 solution to dealing with anxiety. Meditation is key to calming your mind/thoughts and refocusing on breathing and the present moment. If you take one tip away from this blog post, please let it be this one!

I practice meditation every morning and sometimes at night too. I recommend starting with meditating for 5 minutes every single day and slowly adding more time. I now meditate for 20 minutes at a time, but I initially started with just 5 minutes.

I like to use a free app called “Insight Timer” which has thousands of free meditations. I like to use guided meditations but eventually, I want to transition to just using music. On this app, you can select how long you want to meditate for and you can choose a focus such as “stress & anxiety, recovery & healing, sleep, creativity & performance, and happiness”. If I can’t fall asleep I like to use a meditation called “Yoga Nidra for Sleep” it’s amazing!

Another meditation app that I have used is called “Head Space” which is also great. They offer 10 free meditations and then you have to pay if you want more.

Try out meditation & stick with it! Don’t worry if your thoughts keep coming up, you will get better with practice. Keep refocusing on the present and your breath. This will help out your anxiety after just one week of practice (trust me)!

2. Yoga

Yoga is very similar to Meditation in the sense that you are focusing on your breath and the present moment. I use to go to yoga classes, but now I just use free videos on youtube. Just type in on youtube what type of yoga video you are looking for and you will find thousands of videos. If you are a beginner type in “yoga for beginners”.

I must say that I rather attend a yoga class and its something that I want to start doing again this year. You can also get a free class or two at most yoga studios if you want to give it a try first.

I like that yoga quiets my mind and helps me focus on living in the present. Yoga is a great way to deal with anxiety and stress.

3. Exercise

Another great way to deal with anxiety is by exercising in general! If I am having a bad day and I exercise, I instantly feel better.

Science has “provided some evidence that physically active people have lower rates of anxiety and depression than sedentary people. Exercise may improve mental health by helping the brain cope better with stress. In one study, researchers found that those who got regular vigorous exercise were 25 percent less likely to develop depression or an anxiety disorder over the next five years”.

That’s pretty convincing to me, so start exercising! It’s good for so many parts of your body including your mind.

4. Think of your thoughts differently

Through meditation videos and researching anxiety I came upon this: Visualize yourself sitting on a park bench. People and dogs are walking past you. Instead of chasing those people/dogs, you just let them keep walking. You don’t overanalyze them.Now imagine that those people/dogs were your thoughts.

When my anxiety starts kicking in, I acknowledge my thoughts but I don’t give them any meaning. I just let them “walk away” and I refocus my attention on the present.

This is something that I have started doing for a few weeks and although it might be hard at first, it gets easier! Thoughts still come up but I am quicker at letting them just flow away.

Your thoughts are just stories that your brain is making up. Don’t believe every thought that you think. Imagine taking a step back when a thought comes up and let it flow away.

Try this!

5. Gratitude & Affirmations

Another thing that I practice every morning is gratitude & positive affirmations. I wake up and say 5 things that I am grateful for and I list positive affirmations that I have written down. A positive affirmation could be “today is going to be amazing. I am happy. I am safe. I am love” and so on. Whatever evokes feeling when you say it, is best.

Although this is a great practice, I notice that I still have some anxious thoughts throughout the day so it’s important to continue practicing gratitude & affirmations.

For example, if one afternoon I start feeling anxious I will stop and list 5 things that I am grateful for and then I might say things like “I am okay. I am calm. I am relaxed”. I find that changing my focus from anxiety to gratitude/affirmations can relieve my anxiety instantly.

6. Use A Diffuser

For Christmas this year I got a Saje Diffuser which is my very first diffuser. I have become obsessed with diffusing every single day. I specifically love using the lavender oil and the Saje “happiness” oil.

I am not sure what it is but when I have my diffuser on I feel more calm and happy in general. I honestly didn’t know if diffusing was for me but I am glad that I tried it.

7. Calm Music

While I am working I like listening to “Yoga & Meditation” playlists on Spotify (I am listening to one while I write this!) This music makes me feel like I am at a spa and helps me relieve my anxiety and it also prevents it.

So although you might not be meditating or practicing yoga, you can still use calm music to help you feel relaxed.

So those are 7 of my favourite ways to deal with anxiety. And remember that these are practices that you should perform daily to minimize and alleviate your anxiety in general.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post & let me know what you do to deal with anxiety!





  1. Katie
    February 2, 2018 / 7:53 pm

    These are great tips that we should all be implementing in our daily lives. Great post!

    • canyoucarrymybags
      February 13, 2018 / 4:26 pm

      Yes by practicing them daily it will help minmize your anxiety!

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