5 Reasons Why You Should Get Facials More Often (Hand & Stone Spa)

I use to think of facials as something that was a luxury. I never thought that facials were “necessary” for your skin so I never got them often. Recently, I went to Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa and got a facial.

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa:

  • lots of locations
  • very clean and aesthetically pleasing spa
  • my esthetician was super friendly & informative
  • relaxing environment
  • great skincare products & process
  • the best facial massage ever!!!

I have been to Hand & Stone spa for massages (multiple times) but this was my first facial there and it was great. I definitely recommend the spa.

After a long winter, my skin really needed it. Since I’ve gotten the facial my skin has continued to improve; it’s more clear, smooth, and feels less tight. I will never go that long without a facial again!

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Facials More Often

1.Cleans Impurities: Facials will get rid of blackheads, oily build-up and debris, and clogged pores. This allows your skin to breathe again and will make your skin look better and healthier, and will reduce the number of breakouts that you get.

2. Changing of Seasons: As the season’s change, our skin has different needs. Depending on the temperature, humidity level, and hours of sunlight our skin might require more or less attention. In the winter, our skin may become drier and in the summer our skin may become oiler. Receiving a facial after a long winter helped my skin feel fresh, clean, and ready for spring.

3. Slows the Aging Process: Getting a facial regularly will help slow the aging process because a facial massage stimulates the circulation of blood toward the skin and stimulates cell growth. This makes your skin more resistant to sagging and wrinkling.

4. Professional Evaluation: One of my favourite things about getting a facial is hearing feedback on what your skin needs or is lacking from the professional esthetician. At Hand & Stone, the esthetician recommended that I double the amount of water that I am drinking, switch to a water-based moisturizer, and make sure that I cleanse and moisturize my neck too.

5. Great Results: Since I received a facial two weeks ago, my skin has never felt better. It looks more clear, smooth, and it feels less tight. Facials can be a great way to clear up a breakout and get your skin looking great again.

Those are just 5 of the reasons why you should get a facial more often, there are so many others!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and I’m curious, how often do you get facials?



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