10 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

We are in that mid-winter slump where winter blues are really starting to kick in for a lot of people, including me. Spring still seems so far away and it can be depressing at times. Most of us are done with winter and are ready to ditch our bulky winter jackets. But, unfortunately, we will need to be patient and ride the rest of winter out.

I am here to help you beat the winter blues with 10 of my favourite tips!

10 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

  1. Start & End your day with gratitude: Right when you wake up either say/write down 5 things that you are grateful for. Then before you go to sleep say another 5 things that you grateful for that happened in your day.

This is a great way to make you feel more positive, happy, and grateful for your daily life. It will counteract your winter blues. You can say things like, I am grateful for the delicious dinner I had. I am grateful for my friend buying me a coffee. I am grateful for that amazing book that I am reading and so on.

2. Call someone: If I am feeling a bit down I like to call a friend or family member. This will not only distract your mind but it will also be nice to interact with a loved one.

3. Stay busy: You don’t need to go out every night after work but make some plans throughout the week. Plan having coffee with a friend and going to a workout class. The more that you stay busy, the less time that you will have to think about how much winter sucks.

4. Spruce up your space: Whether you want to spruce up your office, bedroom, or your kitchen is up to you. Buy some new decor or rearrange your furniture to make your environment feel more alive. Adding a plant to your house is a great way to spruce up your space!

5. Meditate & Do Yoga: I have preached about both of these topics before but I honestly think that they are both great ways to combat anxiety and depression. So hop on the wagon already!

6. Start a new hobby: If there is something that you have always wanted to learn then there’s no better time to start learning it then the winter time! In the winter, people tend to have more free time,  so take up a new hobby. This will help you look forward to doing something at night and on the weekends.

7. Plan your next trip: When spring and summer feel so far away it’s a great idea to start planning your next trip or getaway (even if your trip is a long while away). This helps you feel excited about the future and gives you something to look forward to.

8. Start a new tv series: Although I don’t recommend being a couch potato every night, I find starting a new tv series to be exciting. Winter is all about staying in and cuddling up by the fireplace so find a friend or significant other and start watching a new tv series. This will give you something to look forward to at night.

I also find that in the summer I feel more guilty for spending time on the couch so winter is the perfect time to spend a little more time watching tv.

9. Take Vitamin D: I started taking vitamin D drops years ago. You can take them all year round but just up your dose of drops in the winter months!

10. Open the blinds: When you wake up in the morning open your blinds in your house. This will instantly make you feel more awake and alive by bringing sunlight in. In the winter, you need all the sunlight that you can get! (Also, it’s nice to come home to light in your house).

Those are 10 of my favourite tips to help you beat the winter blues. Let me know what you do to beat the winter blues in the comments!




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