10 Things You Should Get Rid Of Today

With a New Year here, I like to declutter and get rid of the old so that I can bring in the new! I am in no way a minimalist, but I am always striving to surround myself with only things that I use and things that bring me joy. Organizing is also one of my biggest passions so I will be doing many posts throughout the year on the topic. So join me on the journey to organizing and decluttering your life!

10 Things You Should Get Rid Of Today

1. Instruction Manuals:

In the past I use to keep every instruction manual that I got; whether it was for a toaster or new headphones. I can’t remember one single time that I have ever gone back to a manual to find the answer to my question. These days we are blessed with a site called “Google” and we have access to almost every answer that you would want in the world. So I can guarantee you that you will not need your instruction manual, so toss it. If for some reason, Google doesn’t have your back then you can always call the brand/store that you got your product from, to answer your questions.

2. Clothes that are too small or too big:

I use to be the queen of saving clothes that I could “grow into” one day or jeans that fit me years ago. The truth is that by the time that you either lose or gain weight to fit these clothes, you probably won’t even like them anymore; or they won’t be in style. If you do happen to lose weight then you could reward yourself by purchasing new clothes. If you are saving clothes that are too big for you, but you want to keep them in case you gain weight again… then toss them out asap. This is a horrible mentality to have and it sets yourself up for failure because you doubt your ability to keep the weight off. Keep clothes that fit you and that make you feel beautiful.

3. Things that you don’t love:

This might seem too general but look around your room… are there things that you don’t really like? Are there gifts that people gave you that you just kept because you felt bad getting rid of them? I know personally, I had tons of things in my room that I just held on to for no reason (other than the guilt of getting rid of them).  It wasn’t until I realized that I was surrounding myself with all of these things that didn’t bring me joy, and then I made the decision to get rid of them all. Life is too short to surround yourself with things that don’t make you happy. So make sure that you only have good vibes all around you! No one will realize or care that you got rid of them, I promise.

4. Jewellery you don’t wear:

I feel like people typically talk about getting rid of clothing and shoes, and forget about jewellery since it doesn’t take up a lot of space. However, I think that it’s important to get rid of any jewellery that you haven’t worn in the last year. Chances are that you haven’t worn it because you don’t like it. If you are holding on to something because it’s expensive then try selling it to a jeweller and buy yourself something that you love and that you’ll wear. I did this and now when I look at my jewellery collection, I see only the pieces that I love and wear.

5. Socks & Underwear that you don’t wear or like:

When laundry day comes around again, do you notice that there are lots of underwear and socks that you still haven’t worn? Do you typically only wash the same batch of underwear and socks? This is probably because you only wear your favourite pieces. So go through your drawers and get rid of all the excess of socks and underwear that you clearly don’t like. Also, a lot of people get new socks for Christmas so now its time to get rid of the old!

6. Old Makeup:

Do you still have makeup from more than 2 or 3 years ago? There is a good chance that it is old and it could cause your skin to break out. So toss your old makeup pieces asap.

Mascara. Toss it: Every 3 months.

Eyeshadow. Toss it: Every two years for powder, once a year for cream.

Eyeliner. Toss it: 3-6 months.

Foundation. Toss it: Once a year.

7. Shoes that give you blisters:

You know those gorgeous heels that you have (that were probably expensive), but give your feet massive blisters and you feel like crying everytime you wear them? It’s not worth it ladies! You want to enjoy your nights out and there are plenty of nice, comfortable heels out there so stop holding on to those painful ones. Life is too short.

8. Books that you haven’t read:

Do you have books that you bought years ago but still haven’t read? Get rid of those. You aren’t going to read them and they are just reminders of the “Wasted money” that you spent. So get rid of them and if for some odd reason in the future you all of a sudden are dying to read that specific book, then go buy a copy. But, I’m telling you that the chances of that happening are slim to none. You will forget about those books if you finally get rid of them! Again, life’s too short to force yourself to read stuff that you don’t like. Move on and read things that you are interested in.

9. Old Hobbies that you no longer enjoy:

Do you have old sewing/knitting kits, instruments, dance shoes, or sports equipment that you no longer use? If they are old hobbies that you no longer enjoy or want to do, then there is no point of holding on to them. You can easily sell these items or donate them to someone who will appreciate them more. Again, holding on to these things will make you feel bad that you no longer use them and they take up unnecessary space. Invest in items related to hobbies you currently love.

10. Wire Hangers:

Please get rid of these. They are not good for your clothing and just because you got them for free doesn’t mean that you should keep them. Invest in a set of good quality hangers so that your closet looks more inviting and organized. I personally like the velvet hangers!

So that’s the end of my “10 Things You Should Get Rid Of Today” list. I hope that you enjoyed it and let me know if you have any other ideas to add to my list!



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